Thursday, October 30, 2014

New: Samantha Schuerman x Memebox

Collaboration Box #8 Memebox X Samantha Schuerman
This new collaboration box just dropped (well couple of hours ago, but I was still sleeping and being lazy in my bed) and it looks pretty good :D.  I'd buy it actually, but still contemplating because I do have tons of make up as is.  O_O

I have seen couple of Samantha's videos because she was in a couple of itsjudytime videos, and I have watched her Memebox unboxings before she did this collaboration box.  So this collaboration to me makes sense :).  I just went to check the vagabonb collaboration box and it was gone :'(.  I was just about to buy it.  Sigh... guess it wasn't meant to be.

You do get 9 products, yes that is no mistake, in this box and I'd say this is a make up heavy box, so it will be great for the holidays!  And its ready to be ship!

Anyways, back to this box, coupons will be included at the end!

P.S.  Memebox, if you want me to make a box too, I would gladly accept ;).  Wink Wink... just saying LOL.
Collaboration Box #8 Memebox X Samantha Schuerman
$23.00 + shipping
Shipping:  READY TO BE SHIP~

It’s Samantha Schuerman’s all-time ‘K-Beauty Haul’ with Memebox!
Sam is a former hair stylist & makeup artist, but now spends most of her time caring for her two children. She loves all things beauty and has joined hands with Korea’s best beauty experts to personally curate her own box-full of the hottest makeup, hair, and body items straight from Korea!
We’re sure you’ll enjoy her thoughtfully chosen picks, so grab your chance to experience the best of K-Beauty!
 1) Rire lip manicure (randomly selected from brick red, wine burgundry, pink brown) $18
2) Rire pigment 3 set (2.5 g x 3g) in snow white, A-pink, club burgundy $13
3) Scret key new premium so fast hair booster hair pack $24
4) M. Daida butter cream lip mask $13
5) Youngwoosa I love you oh thank you green tea see essence $54
6) Holika holika sweet cotton sebum clear powder in mist $8
7) Too cool for school play cheef angel blusher in sweet peach $14

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TFNN$5 off anything, can only be used once 

FQOXLT: $5 off anything; one time use 

*you can use one four digit and one six digit code for one month*
MEMEBUNDLE3: $5 off an order with 3 memeboxes or more

MEMEBUNDLE4: $8 off an order with 4 memeboxes or more

$5 off automatically through this link (that means you can use a coupon on top of the automatic discount)

$10 off $150 automatically through this link (same thing, you can use a coupon on top of this automatic discount)

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