Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New: Cleopatra, Wonder women, Empress's secret

#76 The Empress's Secrets#74 Cleopatra#75 Wonder Woman

I know I know, I'm super late on the updates of the newest boxes and there will already be another set coming out tonight.  But in my defense, I was taking loads of pictures for my upcoming FIVE unboxings for you guys to enjoy, so please bare with my slowness. LOL.  Anyways, memebox came up with these three cool new boxes which are very attractive!

The empress's secrets' description reminds me a lot of the oriental medicine box, which you can check out my unboxing for that box here, the cleopatra sounds like it would slightly be like the milk box, which you can also check out here too, and the wonder woman box sounds like a make up heavy box.

So if you are interested, check them out in detail and also make sure to use the coupon codes included at the end of the blog post!
$23.00 + shipping
Shipping starts Dec. 16

Let’s take things way, way back to ancient Korean times.
Queens in ancient Korea used a chock full of nature’s most precious ingredients to beautify and enhance their natural beauty. Various ancient herbs, oriental medicines, flowers, rice powders and more natural and effective recipes were prized among the royalty, and their effectiveness and potency is still prevalent today. 
Designed to enhance the skin’s regeneration, revitalization, anti-inflammation, and hydration functions, this royal box will surely leave you with a beautiful and enchanting glow. Unbox The Empress's Secrets box to reveal the mystical beauty secrets and solutions  of the east! 
#74 Cleopatra
$29.00 + shipping
Shipping starts Dec. 16

Have you ever wondered what the secret is behind the timeless beauty of the famous ancient Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra? Her ancient skin and body beauty rituals made her the most coveted and celebrated woman of her time, making her historically famous as the spellbinding enchantress that held Caesar hostage by her blinding beauty.
This box explodes with Cleopatra’s most celebrated ancient skin and body beautifying secrets that transcends time, all made with the most natural, effective, and gentle ingredients, to give your skin an everlasting radiance and enchanting glow, and keep your body and skin supple, firm and smooth to touch! 

Wonder women
$23.00 + Shipping
Shipping starts Dec. 16
Yes, we have pores. Yes, we have shadow, and the list of imperfections go on and on. We could all really go for that extra 30 minutes of sleep just about right now, but when time doesn’t allow for extra beauty snooze time, this box full of beauty maximizers will get you from tired and dull-looking to wonderfully gorgeous and healthy-looking with just one use! 

Bursting with skincare and makeup strengtheners, and water-proof, sweat-proof, fight-proof, and FOOL-PROOF makeup and multi-taskers, people will really get wondering about how you look so, so good despite lack of sleep and all. While most of us won’t be fighting crime and evil anytime soon like Wonder Woman, let us triumph over daily evils - late-night working, past midnight studying, baby-watching, and ahem, partying - and celebrate everyday with the real Wonder Women of the world - YOU!
Cleopatra + Wonder Woman + The Empress's Secrets
Cleopatra + wonder women + the empress's secrets
$75.00 + shipping
Shipping starts Dec. 16
Wonder Woman + The Empress's Secrets
Wonder woman + the empress's secrets
$46.00 + shipping
Shipping starts Dec. 16
Cleopatra + The Empress's Secrets
Cleopatra + the empress's secret
$52.00 + shipping
Shipping starts Dec. 16
Cleopatra + Wonder Woman
Cleopatra + wonder women

$52.00 + shipping
Shipping starts Dec. 16
Here are some coupon codes for you guys to enjoy!

Make sure to check out my other memebox unboxings.
Yogurt box

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*you can use one four digit and one six digit code for one month*
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