Sunday, October 26, 2014

ALL THESE LOTIONS AND POTIONS: Beauty blogger friend, memebox lover, hilarious blogger.....

Since joining into the crazy Memebox craze, I have met some very amazing people that could not have been more of a family to me then them. I met this awesome lady called Kelsey Leigh, whom I found on instagram from just liking each other's memebox pictures.  As time went by, we found out that we actually lived in the same area, only miles away! This world is really small eh? 

 She also recently started her own blog called "all these lotions and potions" and it looks amazing.  Haha I remember when I first created this blog, I had absolutely no idea what i was doing, my internet was slow as fack! and images took literally a whole day to upload.  So ridiculous.  When we finally got a new internet router, images uploaded like the speed of light and I finally regained the strength and motivation to be more active.  My graphic and computer science skills are zero to none, I mean come on! I finally JUST changed my crazy pixelated header to something a bit more decent and I'm surprised I was able to create something not so crappy LOL.  So her blog, to start it off looking so fab, well done girl!

Her writing skills are superb too! Reading her blog post is like reading a novel, although I not really a book worm, I do know what a book looks like.  The formatting, the style, everything screams novel.  Her humor in her blog too... Here are a few quotes from her latest Holy grail beauty must haves...

"The idea that I would apply this and my skin would drop off horror movie style to the floor and I would have no one to blame but myself, stopped me every time I reached for it."

"I told myself You’re married. If your face falls off, guess what? He still has to love you. He took vows and shit. Girl. He has to love you even if you come out looking like Voldemort. Go on. Do it. and so, I did."

Hilarious right?  I know, the quotes are not English quotation approved, but screw it.  This is my blog, I'm going to write and do whatever I want! CUE THE ROCKY ANTHEM~~

Okay I'm all seriousness, really.... You need to check her out!  She only has about 4 blog posts but its been so far, so good.  Show your support and tell her I sent you guys :).

-Cheers, MMnoob 

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