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Unboxing: Superbox #56 Yogurt cosmetics

 Okay I'm finally back with some more unboxings.  I was unintentionally on a slight break from doing memebox unboxings since, well I have slowed myself down with purchasing and more using so no products go to waste.  I have also sold some products I know I won't be ever using, so if you are ever looking to buy some products, you can always come back here and check if I'm doing a blog sale :).

Anyways, this is the yogurt superbox but it was only priced at $23 + shipping which I think is super reasonable for the products you get.  And as always, I always buy boxes with coupons, at least I try to buy most of the with some sort of discount with points or coupons.  I'm loving the products they have sent us, so check out the rest of the post if you are interested to see what came inside the yogurt box and what I think about it!

Here's the link just in case it restocks!

What came inside the box :O.  Ohhhh, looks interesting already!
 The usual, information card with English instructions and product description. This is super duper handy, I hate to lose this so I never throw these cards away since I can use it as reference.

 Just first glance, I can tell that it is already a good box.  What makes a box a good box is balance.  There is three face masks, a cleansing foam, a face cream and one lip balm.  I love me some skincare product since it is super expensive just to buy a moisturizer in the department store or at Sephora, so I really appreciate some good skincare products for a reasonable price.  And yes I know, I have already spent more money buying these boxes then just getting one thing I need.  But I justify it by telling myself it is for science!  LOL.
 The first product is Pure smiler yogurt mask mixed fruits  retailing for $2.50 and we got two masks! These are full sized products.

I was super, super, super surprised that we got TWO masks! I have went on and on about only getting one sheet mask in our boxes since I find it super useless since I can not get a solid feel for the product or see if it works or not.  So I'm super duper appreciative that we got two sheet mask!  I am liking that we are getting all different kinds of pure smile products, but I really don't like that I can not get it anywhere!  I am obsessed with their lip treatment since it really made a difference with my lips, but when it runs out, I'm going to be hellllllllllllla sad. :'(

Product description:
Made from a blend of yogurt and mixed fruits- banana, kiwi, and pineapple extracts- this Yogurt mask delivers rich moisture and nourishment deep down into the skin and helps maintain healthy skin condition by preventing its dehydration.

How to use:
After toner application, place the mask sheet evenly over your face and rest for 15-20 minutes.  Remove and pat in the remaining essence.
The second product is Happy Bath facial yogurt cleansing foam  retailing for $6 and contains 120 mL.  This is a full sized product and it comes in a plastic squeeze tube and measures 4 cm x 15 cm.  This product was randomly selected from Gentle, moist, silky or firm.  I have no idea which one I got LOL.

Cleansers are one of my weakness, other then moisturizers and lip balms.  Ugh! I'm so happy I got another cleanser to add to my collection even though I have tons now.  So I'm not going to open this until I am going to use it and then I will review.  Please don't hurt me :(. I just don't want it to expire!

I just looked up the website and found the version I got.  This is what it says:

-3 Kinds Berry Essence (blueberries, raspberries, cranberries) and yogurt contain concentrated ingredients to the skin more smooth and firmer (yogurt ingredients containing 24mg) 
- gives more bubbles to become rich berry cleansing delicate skin soft and clean scent When washing the pleasure.  

Ahh... after reading the description, I got the firming one!  I think....

Product description:
Enriched with yogurt and various herbal essences, Happy Bath's Facial yogourt cleansing foam comes in 4 types, each catered to difference skin concerns.  

The gently type contains grain powders and is extremely gental and soft on the skin. (I'm guessing this one is the light tan tube)

  The moist type contains apple, banana, and apricot seed essences rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, and many other nutritents for moisturizing and replenishing dry skin.  (the green tube?)

The silky type contains lavender, marshmellow root, and lemon extracts and works to deeply clean all excess facial oil and skin impurities for a nice and silky finish.  (the orange tube?)

Finally the firm type is made from 3 different berries- blueberries, raspberry, and cranberry- and helps increase skin elasticity and smooths out uneven skin tone and texture.  (the pink one)

How to use:
Lather the cleansing foam with your hands and gently massage into your face.  Rinse off with warm water.
 The third product is ettang modelling take-out cup pack yogurt retailing for $3 and contains 17 g.  This is a full sized product and measures 5 cm x 7 cm and it comes in a little plastic tube, just like those little ice cream cups that comes with a wooden spoon.  The packaging is super cute!  Smell-o-scale= 1.5/ 10.  There isn't much smell, but there is a slight scent of something... I just can't detect it.

When I saw the spoiler for this box, which was this product, it looked super interesting.  I was already happy that they came out with a yogurt box and I knew it would not be able to fail me in any way, but this was a super cool product they included.  The packaging is very unique and the concept isn't something you'd find widely in North America, especially the mask is a peel off mask :O. I do not believe i have tried a peel off mask! Cool~~

Product description:
A modeling pack refers to a rubber-like pack widely used in aesthetic clinics for soothing, moisturizing, and firming up the skin.  This take-out cup pack comes in a cute little cup with just the right amount for a single use so all you need to do is pour in some water to mix it up with, an voila!

How to use:
Take out the spatula from within the pack and pour half the cup with water.  Mix it well and spread it quickly and evenly over your face.  After 15-20 minutes, slowly peel off the pack and continue with your daily skincare routine.

 The powder is a light purple and is super finely milled.  There is also a spatula included so it would be easily to mix with. Can't wait to try this out!
 The fourth product is Purederm skin softening yogurt mask strawberry retialing for $12 and contains 150 mL. This is a full sized product and measures 4 cm x 18 cm.  

Sorry I'm not going to open this yet either since I got quite a few masks opened already and I want to try and finish those first.  But I have seen the same product but the aloe vera version in the aloe vera box, so I'm glad to get it in this box since I did not get that box :).  I hope it smells like strawberry pocky keke.

Product description:
Packed with strawberry and yogurt extracts, this wash-off, cream-type pack delivers rich nutrition and deep hydration to dry, coarse, and tried skin and works to cleanse away all excess dead skin cells and impurities piled up in the pores for a refreshing and softening effect after use.

How to use:
After toner application, evenly spread out the mask pack over your face.  Rest for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with warm water.
 The fifth product is Rappol calming cream retailing for $59 (WHAT?) and it contains 150 g.  This is a full sized product and measures 5 cm x 17.5 cm and smell-o-scale= 7/10, it smells very strongly of herbals and some type of clinical steroid cream.  I would know since I recently had to get some prescribed cream for my ezcema infested pinky.  And the funny thing was that my hand wasn't infested with eczema, but just my tiny pink :S.  And it was peeling really bad too, to the point where my finger was swollen and cracking :'(.

I am loving what the cream is promising to do, but the scent is super strong.  I mean I love me some lush kind of natural, herbal scent but this scent is so strong in the herbal and clinical cream fragrance, I don't know if I can get over it.  But this cream is SOOOOOOO expensive! So that means I have to try it haha.  We will see if this is any good.

Product description:
The founders of Rappol started off their brand because they hoped to make a super gently and effective product lie for their own baby who was suffering form highly allergic, sensitive skin.  Enriched with lactic acids and various other moisturizing complex, the Rappol calming cream works to strenghten the skin's level of immunity and self-regenerating prone skin.

How to use:
Apply and adequate amount of the cream evenly over your face and pat it in for full absorbency.
 I love their detail for packaging.  The wings are super cute :).  It reminds me of animes I watch on a regular.
 This cream cones in a pump tube which I really like since I wouldn't have to stick my dirty fingers in it.
 The texture if very creamy, but it is more of the gel creamy then the thick cream and it soaks into the skin super quickly and doesn't leave my skin sticky or anything.
 The last product is Holika Holika I want chu lip blam in 01 strawberry smoothie retailing for $11 and contains 3.7 g X 2.  This is a full sized product and each lip balm tube measures 1.3 cm x 7.5 cm.  Smell-o-scale= 5/10, the pink lettering one with the lips is the strawberry one and it smells exactly like strawberry pocky or japanese strawberry candy, and the yellow lettering tube with the mustache smells like pure vanilla.  It smells sooooooo good!

I saw this as the second spoiler for this box and I was so happy since I was not going to get the Holika Holika box since I didn't feel like it would be a good box.  But I haven't tried much from this brand, so I was super duper happy to get this product.  And the fact that this is a lip balm is just the cherry on top!  They both smells ridiculously good and I can't wait to get to use them, after I finish the lip balms I have opened.

Product description:
This super cute and unique lip balm set comes in two separate products- one in strawberry and one in yogurt- which , when come in contact, make a chemical reaction with each other and transforms into a strawberry smoothie- like scent.  Yes, this is an item to be used before a kiss time with your liver.

How to use:
Apply one of the lip balm onto your lips and have your boyfriend apply the other.  And voila! Experience the ultimate chemical romance in strawberry smoothie flavor!

 The packaging is so darn cute! UGH, you don't get that in North America.
Wow, you get a lot of product actually, considering you get two of them, this is an amazing value for $11.  Not too shabby.  Let's just hope they are good at their one job, moisturizing my lips.

*Prices in purple are prices I found through official site  or popular online stores*

1) Pure smile yogurt mask mixed fruits $5 ($1.88 USD each/ 2,000 Won x 2= $3.76)
3) ettang Modeling take-out cup pack yogurt $3 ($2.35 USD/ 2,500 Won) 
4) Purederm skin softening yogurt mask strawberry $12 ??
5) Rappol calming cream $59 ($46.58 USD/ 49,500 Won)
6) Holika Holika I want chu lip balm $11 ($8.58 USD/ 8,900 Won)
Total: $96 on info. card
Total: $76.27 from S. Korean retail prices

Overall as a first impression, I give this box a two thumbs up and 5/5 starts.  I love how they gave us tons of skincare products and the most exciting product that I can't wait to use is the Happy bath cleansing foam, the take out cup pack and the helllla expensive calming cream from Rappol.  I'm excited for the holika holika lip balm but I don't have high expectation since it is just a lip balm.  I could be proven wrong, but until I try it, it will still just be a lip balm.  I don't get why this box took so long to be sold out since I think this is a super awesome box.  But that is just my opinion.

What do you think about this box? 
Which is your favorite product?  
Did you get the box?

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