Monday, July 7, 2014

July memebox contest giveaway!

Uhh does want me to host another giveaway because my readers are awesome? Yep.  This is your second chance to win a box again! 

I was super excited when I got the e-mail from memebox asking me to host another giveaway for you guys.  I love it and don't mind it at all. This time the box is slightly different and there will be three winners.  

So good luck guys and please take the time to read the requirement!  There were many that I did not choose while I was in the process of picking winners because they did not have the basic requirements.  So if you want to win, please make sure you have the following!

What are the prizes?  How many people can win?
There will be three prizes.  One lucky winner will win a Burst of color edition two superbox, another will win a Whole grain memebox, and another will win 10 memepoints! For reference, 1 memepoint = $1 USD.

Click for more information!

Burst of color 2 superbox
So one lucky winner will win this awesome box.  My prediction is this box will mostly be make up.  You can google the first box and it was pretty much a make up box :).  You guys are so lucky, I didn't even buy this for myself :S.

Whole grain memebox
The whole grain box is actually sold out! So if you missed out, this is your chance to grab it for free too!

How many people can win?  Who can enter.
Three people will be picked based on your answers.  I will pick the best answers and reward those accordingly.
Anyone can enter.  As long as Memebox ships to your country, you can enter. It would suck if you won but then can not ship to you.  

Currently, they ship to Austria, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, 
Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Netherlands, New Zealand, 
Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA. 

I'm sorry in advance if they do not ship to your country.  I understand it is frustrating and I'd love everyone to get themselves some memebox love too, but since memebox themselves are shipping the boxes out, there is not much I can do :(.
What do I have to do to enter?
1) Be subscribed to this blog.  This will help you in the future when I announce the winners and to see new memebox news and my other review and hauls too :D. Please make sure when you comment, you use the same name as your google account so when I check, I can tell it is you.

2) Like Memebox Facebook pagehere is the quick link! When you comment on my blog, please make sure you write the facebook name you go by.  I will be checking if you liked their facebook page or not.  If not, you will not be picked as the winner.

3) Create an account with memebox.  Don't worry, this will not cost you anything.  In fact, they are providing new accounts with 10 memepoints.  It used to be 2 memepoints when I signed up so you guys are lucky!  It is free to sign up, with no obligation of a subscription.  They will just send out e-mails for updates, that's all.

4) Comment on:
A) Which boxes you have already bought, eyeing, and/or loving!  And if you are already an addict like me, how many boxes are already marked on your calender and which one can you not wait for. To check out memebox's beauty boxes, click here.

B)  If you won 10 memepoints, what would you buy?

Please make sure you do the following if you want to win.
Please also include your facebook name and email in the comment.  If you are not comfortable for the world to see your e-mail, feel free to send me a private message through  When you email me privately, please ensure you have included the screen name you have used in the comments so I won't get confused :).

There were many that were chosen but then were dropped since I could not contact them back through e-mail. So please please please make sure you do this step so you can have a smooth chance to get those free stuff!
When will the contest end?
Contest will end July 11, 2014.  I will be picking winners on that date and be in the process of picking the final winners. 

 July 11-12, I will be emailing (by email : for your personal information.  So don't be alarmed if you see a weird e-mail address in your mailbox.  And don't worry, I won't come stalk you :).  

July 13, I will have to email memebox back with the winners information for them to ship out the boxes or give you the memepoints.

What information do I have to provide you when I get an email saying that I am the winner?
I will need to get your:

Full name, first and last name
Full address (street number and name, postal code, country, etc.)
Phone number

Memebox account: so the email you signed up with

Please make sure:
You are the age of 18 years old.  If not, please have the consent of your parent or guardian.  I wouldn't want your parents be like "Why is there a strange hot pink package showing up in the front of my house? O______o.....".  Yea, let's not do that to your loving parents okay?

Come back onto my blog on July 11 to see if you won.  If you do not respond my email by June 11-12, I will be contacting another winner.  That would be unfortunate.

******Enter only one time.  Those that spam will definitely not win.***********

The fine print:

1) no purchase necessary to enter
2) By entering this contest, you are aware of all the rules and the criteria to enter for the chance to win.
3) Prizes are only opened to those that have opened an account with memebox.
4) I am only hosting the contest, therefore I am not in control of shipping out the prizes. Please contact memebox if you have problems with shipping.
A newbie to memebox? Don't worry! Here is my breakdown on the company :D. Your welcome.

Check out the "earn 3 memepoint while shopping" post I did to get exclusive deals for my readers only! Other coupons included as well.
I also have a $3 off "at home superbox" if you would like to check it out too :).  Can you tell I like to get deals!

Check out how awesome memebox is :D


  1. Hi There! I am so excited with this giveaway! Thank you so much for this opportunity! I hope I win :)

    I have subscribed to your blog, liked Memebox Facebook, and I have an existing account with I will email you my personal information.

    Here are my answers to your giveaway questions:
    A) Which boxes you have already bought, eyeing, and/or loving! And if you are already an addict like me, how many boxes are already marked on your calender and which one can you not wait for.

    >>>boxes purchased - Memebox 2, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16; Luckybox 1 & 3; Mask 1 & 2; Mini 2 & 3; Naked 3; Scent 1 (Rose), 2 (Powder), 3 (Grapefruit); Superbox 1, Pore, Night Care, Green Tea, Honey, Special Day, 10 Minute, Meme from Nature, Office Essentials, Summer Box, Whole Grain, Oriental, Milk, Wax, Herbal, Aloe, Skin Care, Cacao, Collagen, Waterproof, Zero, Vitamin, Cooling, Brightening, Travel, Cleansing, KBeauty, Superfood, Oil & Trouble 3, Pomegranate, Detox, Skin Care, Bubble Pop

    >>>boxes I want: Fermented 2, Anti-Aging 2, Pore 3, Burst of Color 2, At Home, DermoCosmetics, etc

    >>>top 5 boxes I love (though i love them all): Superbox 1, Pore, Summer box, Honey, and the Scent series

    >>>Can't wait for: Brightening, Cleansing, Oil&Trouble, Detox, Bubble pop, Cacao, Zero, and Waterproof

    B) If you won 10 memepoints, what would you buy?
    ~ I would totally buy Fermented 2 or Anti-Aging 2. I also want to get Pore 3 again because I just love the first box!!!

    1. You are too hardcore :D. I love your videos by the way. I love the unboxings you do and your opinon on them. Its nice to see fellow memebox lovers opening the boxes ;). Thanks for participating!

      I want to buy all the memeboxes in the world but there is already too much clutter so I have to pick and choose :(.

    2. thank you so much! And thanks for the chance to collab… I'll start going back to my videos and link your individual blogs for the matching youtube review :)

      I agree with you on the memeboxes overload --- I really do need to slow it down too but it's so hard!

  2. Love Memebox giveaways! I have been bitten by the Memebox bug for sure, I love my hair & body box and received bounce cheese cream in Lucky Box #1 and love it! I have tracking for my collagen box and looking for that any day

    1. haha once you have gotten bitten, it turns into a pleasant virus :D

  3. My favorites have been luckybox 1 and 2 since each of them had a product in it that has become one of my holygrail products. I would like to try either the memebox for him, to give to my husband, or the cute wishlist if it gets restocked
    I am currently waiting fro 3 memeboxes in the mail :)

    1. I really wanted the lucky box 1. The too cool for school gel mist looks awesome. Too bad I was too slow when they restocked that box recently. On well :(.

      I'm currently waiting for about 18 in the mail haha. Or more :S, I lost count.

  4. My favorite box would now have to be Global #9 because eveything in the box is just so freakin' amazing!
    Once you start MEMEBOX you can't go back, it becomes part of your life.. and your wallet. =P
    I would really like to try the Aloe Cosmetics box because I have heard there are some amazing things aloe can do for your skin!
    If I won 10 points I would probably buy the Aloe Cosmetics cause I really want to try it! :)

    1. Hey there stacey! Its nice to see you again :). Memebox global is before my memebox time. I didn't find out about memebox until I started to buy bb creams on ebay and then just went into this korean cosmetic addiction haha. And I have to agree, memebox does become a part of your life. I just think about memebox all the time, and when is it going to come through my door and when i can take pictures and share it to the world. It's definitely fun :D.

      I kinda want the aloe box too, but i have a feeling it might not be for me.

      Good luck and thank you for entering :).

  5. Yay thank you so much for doing this giveaway, I am SO excited!!

    So, what Memeboxes have I already bought?
    1. Office Essentials
    2. Lucky Box 5
    3. Office Essentials
    4, For Him 2
    5. Hair & Body 2

    And what's on the way? I have 5 on the way, I think, and the ones I am most excited about.. The OMG BOX! I can't WAIT to see what is in that! Aren't you just tapping your foot waiting for that one? Also, the Kstyle Box, and the At home Box. I hope there are lots of pampering items in that one :)

    If I won 10 Memepoints, I would probably use them on the Pore Care box of the Brightening Skin Box. I'm curious about what's in the Brightening Box, I love bright, clean and clear skin!

    Thanks again so much for doing this giveaway! Good luck everyone :) :)

    Karen Sue Lee (FB)

    1. Now that you have liked memebox on facebook, you will see their exclusive deals. Just recently, they had a buy one get the memebox for him for free. So you got two boxes for the price of one.

      I kind of wish I bought the OMG box since a lot of people have been super pumped about it. But i was sad since I wanted to get it during the VIP deal but the server was down :(.

      Good luck and thanks for entering :)

  6. Thanks for the giveaway! Liked fb, sunscribed already) my email:
    Memeboxes I bought:
    Numbers 4,5,7-16, Hair edition, Hair&Body 1st and 2nd editions.
    I'm waiting for my waxing box to arrive soon!
    If I won 10 Memepoints, I would buy aloe or at home memebox or probably Hair&Body #3)

    1. I have been eyeing the waxing box for the longest time but I still have not built to courage to buy it. Since I don't like the traditional waxing with the strips and such, I'm scared I would not get any use out of it. But please link me your blog post or video so I can see what is inslde! I'm super excited :D.

  7. Email
    Fb name Karin Shaim
    I bought the office essentials box and the recent birthday box (in which the items inside were revealed )
    And I am definitely eyeing the nature box(i hope they create a new one I didn't manage to buy one for myself !) and the smile care box ,
    If I won the 10 memebox I would definitely buy the smile care box because a great smile is always inviting :)

    1. Sadly I do believe the nature box is out of stock. The only way right now you can get it is through the tosowoong total make up set. The makeon mermaid eyeliner set is amazing. Pigmentation, lasting power, everything. I love it. You can check out the box here if you would like.

      Also the smile box, I am eyeing as well. But i'm thinking if they are selling the box for $15, it might be just four to five products. Decisions, decisions....

  8. Hi--thank you for hosting this giveaway! My favorite Memebox is From Nature--it was amazing! I'm really looking forward to the K-Style + OMG box pack--I cannot wait until August for those! If I received 10 Memepoints I'd probably buy the Fermented 2 + Dermocosmetics 2 bundle. I'm really into the faster shipping now that I've tried it, and I'm terrified that if I don't get those boxes I'll miss out on a product that I'd really love.

    1. hmm... I'm looking at my calendar on my ipad and i actually didn't buy the k-style box. :( I hope the k-beauty wrap up will make up for it haha. Darn! You got the omg box too before it was sold out within hours of it being posted up! Lucky!!!

      I haven't tried the express shipping since the standard shipping is only 5-7 days to reach to my house anyways so I see no need to be spending extra pretty pennies. Hehe but nonetheless, I do have a few bundles with express shipping :D.

  9. I'm really excited for the Pomegranate box! My favorite so far was the From Nature box-- so many great products in that box! I'm going to get Memebox #16 next :)

    1. I bought the pomegranate box too :D. Since it was on sale for $6 off, i believe. Nice nice, I'm thinking if I should get the memebox #16 too hehe.

  10. Hello thanks for hosting. My email is and user name is Beauti Baux. On facebook, my user name is Sophia Luu.

    I'm quite a Memebox fan and have already received the following:
    Superbox 6 Anti-aging, 7 Banila Co., 8 Missha, 9 Tonymoly, 13 Pore nCare, 14 Night Care, 15 Green Tea, 16 Hair Care, 18 Fermented Cosmetics, 19 Honey, 20 all-in-One, 21 Dermo Cosmetics, 22 Pore Care 2,
    Nakedboxes 11, 13, 14, 15
    Luckybox 4 and 5
    Memebox Makeup Edition, Hair & Body, Hair & Body 2, From Nature, Mask Edition 2
    Minibox 2 and 3
    I’m expecting the following in the coming months:
    Memebox Global 14, 15,16
    Memebox Milk, Skin Care, Cleaning Cit, Superfood Box, Brightening Care, Travellers Beauty Kit.
    Superbox 25 Footcare, 27 Anti-Aging, 30 Aloe Vera, 33 Collagen, 35 Fermented Cosmetics 2, 36 Pore Care 3, 39 Detox, 39 Footcare 2, 40 Pomegranate.

    I must really be addicted because I have my eyes on the Vitamin Box, Cacao, future global boxes and any other new ones that come out, even though I have an overload of products. So far my favorites are ones with skincare products, and surprisingly the ones with foot peeling mask. I think I’m most excited for the footcare boxes, skin care box, anti-aging 2, pore care and fermented2.

    1. Wow girl, you are on fire! Look at that list XD. I'm not even close to how many you got going on there.

      I'm just the same as you, just as addicted. I've been eyeing the vitamin box, smile care, cooling care and maybe waxing box? You know what! I should just write out a list of expected memebox that are going to come to me so you guys know what to expect in the future. I shall do that on the sidebar :).

  11. FB : Mitchellina Metta
    email :

    I currently waiting for my Memebox global #12 and I can't wait! If I get the point maybe I'll buy the cleansing kit box since it seems good to have a full cleansing routine like the koreans :p hahaha

    Thankyou for the giveaway :) *finger cross*

    1. Haha i got the cleansing kit too! I love to add more products to my skincare collection since my make up collection is already excessive :P.

      Thanks for participating :D.

  12. Facebook: Samantha Cuhel
    Email: gothickornchic @ gmail . com

    1) I am subscribed under email address gothickornchic86 @ hotmail . com

    2) I like memebox facebook page as Samantha Cuhel

    3) I have an account with memebox under my contact email.

    4) Comment on:
    A) I have purchased Nakedboxes 17, 19, and 23, the oil and troubles box, oil and troubles #3, mask edition #4, herbal cosmetics, and luckybox #7.

    B) If I won 10 points, I would buy the cleansing box.

    1. Wow you really love the naked boxes eh? My no brainer boxes are definietly the lucky boxes since they always have awesome products in there and a lot too!

      I bought the mask edition #4 and herbal cosmetics superbox too :D. Be sure to look out for my unboxings post later on~

  13. Boxes I've bought: Luckybox #1 & 2, Memebox #7 & 12, Herbal Cosmetics, Cleansing Kit

    Boxes I'm loving: Zero Cosmetics, Skincare, Honey, Snail, Free From Oils & Troubles, Pore, Hair & Body 3: Korean Spa Edition, K-beauty, Nature

    If I won memepoints, I'd buy either the next global edition #16 or Hair & Body 3...

    1. Oh lala. You got a nice list going on there! I'm so excited for my snail edition 2. It's going to ship soon :D. Thank you for entering! Good luck~

  14. I'm eyeing the memebox mask edition #4! I used masks a lot and I keep missing the mask editions so it would be cool to try the new version still available. If I won 10 mempoints, I would buy the mask edition or the aloe vera because I love the cooling effect aloe vera has on my face!

    fb: Jenny Kwok

    1. Nice pick! I bought the mask edition #4, so make sure to come back and check out my unboxing :D. Good luck~

  15. I've bought all the Global editions, anti faking, fermented, 10 minute box (yuck on that one). Oriental medicine is the one I most recently got and it's great. I think I am most looking forward to OMG. I'd probably use 10 points on whichever box looks the craziest. Thanks!

    1. ALL GLOBAL BOXES? Dang! Your more of a hardcore fan then me! Haha and yea 10 min box.... I didn't buy it since I had a slight prediction of that box. :/ I got the oriental box too, just got it today and editing as we speak :). I wish I got the OMG box now :(, but i had to work and by the time I got home to buy it, it was sold out. Boohoo for me.

  16. Thank you for hosting another giveaway! So, all the following (for you and the Memebox fb page) is under Amy Smith. My email that I can be contacted with is (which is also the one I used for Memebox).

    A) I've already bought way more boxes that I should have (23 in a little over a month). So far I've received 3 of them (From Nature, Milk, and Whole Grain) and since I haven't tried any of the products from Milk or Whole Grain yet, From Nature remains at the top of my list by default (though the products were very, very good minus the drying bar soap). I'm currently eyeing another 7 boxes but at the top of that is the Fermented Cosmetics 2 box because after reading what fermented products can do, I'm curious to try some out.

    B) I would definitely put the 10 points towards the Fermented Cosmetics 2 box if I were to win some!

    1. Haha hellow fellower memebox lover ;). Are you excited about the donkey milk steam cream or what?!? The jar is so darn cute, I will make use out of it after I finish up the cream :D. And I am slightly interested in the fermented cosmetics 2 since they featured a fermented cosmetics special on get it beauty and the benefitsit gave to the skin. Good luck and thank you for entering!

  17. I am new to Meme boxes and if i win i would buy the Memebox Special #11 Cacao !

    Facebook: Bianca Rogoveanu

    1. Ohh nice nice! I bought the cacao box :), just to see if there is anything edible in the box for my face. I have never seen anything chocolate for skincare so that will definitely a interesting box.

  18. Subscribed through GFC :)
    Facebook: Angela Cheung

    I've 10 boxes on the way including Global 16! First box should be arriving in these 2 weeks - Bubble Pop Cosmetics, cant wait to try! If I win 10 meme points will definitely put it through the next scent box!

    1. I was so surprised that global 16 ships in october! far away >_<. Ohh I kind of want the bubble pop but i have to pick and choose which box I buy. I don't want product overload (but it is already too late haha).

      Ohh the scent box. I hope they do the same thing with the bundle. Super worth it!

      Good luck~ Thanks for entering.

  19. Hi, I'm a total Memeaddict just like you :) I've already ordered over 30 boxes and some of my favorites so far were Memebox From Nature, Globals #3 and 9 and the 3 boxes I got yesterday - Milk, Wholegrain and Oriental Medicine. I can't wait to play with them some more.
    As for the boxes I'm expecting, I think I'm most curious about At Home SB and some boxes which I'm getting in August - K-Beauty Wrap, My Cute Wishlist and Hair&Body 3.
    If I won some points I'd probably buy Pomgranate+Footcare 2 Value Set.

    I follow you as Merrick.
    On FB I'm Paulina Pawłowska-Stec
    And my Memebox email is

    1. Omg....30 boxes already? I don't even know how many I bought :S, hopefully not as much as you LOL cuz that would be crazyyyyy. I'm interested in the at home box too, but I don't know if I should buy or not.

      Good luck :D and thank you for entering!

  20. I have bought so many boxes I am embarrassed to say. I can't even review them all on my blog, readers would be bored. It's got so I have to leap up every time the postman rings the doorbell, so I can grab the delivery and scuttle off with it like Gollum before anybody sees it. Though I haven't got Burst of Color so that would be a nice one to win.

    If I won 10 points I would buy the snail-themed anti aging cute packaging mask box which I am certain Memebox will be bringing out before the end of the month. That or the collagen one.

  21. Hey hey again! :)

    Okay, okay.
    Memebox's I have bought: The first Free from Oil & Trouble Box, the Mini #2, Memebox Make-up Edition box, the Superbox #15 (which was the Green Tea box) and also recently just bought (and awaiting arrival for,) 2 other Memeboxes, the Luckybox #8 and the Superbox #28 Free from Oil & Trouble Box 3.
    Which boxes i've been eyeing: Well, basically every box that Memebox puts up, it all looks soo great. Except for the boxes that have hair products in them because I don't really have hair...
    Memeboxes i'm loving: I think i've really been impressed and loved all the Memeboxes i've bought, I think the whole concept and idea's on the Memebox site, with all the different boxes is really great, it's pretty hard not to love it all!

    And i'm super excited for the Memebox Global #16, I really, really want to buy that box. I'm also really hoping they'll restock/make another edition of the Memebox For Him, because i'd definitely buy that for my man.

    If I had 10 memepoints I would buy the Memebox Global #26.
    If I could, I would buy everything on the site, it's so hard to choose one thing!

    My Facebook name is Freya Coyle
    And my email address is
    Ah! Thank you for doing another giveaway, Memebox has really become my favourite thing at the moment, it really is addictive.

    P.S. I'm so glad i've found your blog, it's so great, it's starting to be another thing i'm addicted to, oops!

    1. Oops, I meant #16 Global Memebox.

    2. Hey freya! Nice to see you again :). Haha I have short hair too :D. I like your hair, super cool and rocker like. And I have to agree, it is really hard to not like memebox.

      I really really want global #16 too and the hand and nail box. I was thinking just getting memeboxes for my family and my bf's whole family since it is too awesome and such a no brainer present :).

      Wait memebox 26 is a typo right? LOL WHERE YOU GETTING THIS INSIDER INFO!

      And no problem. I was wondering when did you end up getting with your 10 memepoints?

      Awww thanks for the compliment :). I'm glad you like reading my post! I love making them and love trying new products hehe. <3

    3. Haha thanks :) Short hair is alot easier to deal with too, no bed hair, and I get hours of my life back from not having to style my hair haha.
      I'm not sure if you mean what or when did I get my points, so i'll answer both :) I got them not long after you gave them to me, and it went towards my Luckybox #8 and Superbox #28 Free from Oil & Trouble Box 3 purchase :D

    4. I meant what did you buy with your 10 memepoints you won last time ;). And you answered my question hehe.

      I have short hair too. Of course not as short as yours. When it grows it, I get all iffy. I'm like AHHH should I get a hair cut? Or should I leave it long and save money haha. But then in the end, I can't take it so I chop it off again. But this time I am going to try and grow it out mid shoulder length because I miss curling my hair :'(.

  22. It would be easier to say which boxes I missed:) I received over 50 boxes now and I am still waiting for 25. I check the tracking, wait for every box and love the moment I look inside. I really was delighted with last Oriental Medicine box but there were so many boxes that made my heart bit faster. Am I addicted? I don't even think about it.
    Usually I avoid Make-Up boxes as I still prefer European make-up products except BB and CC creams (but Burst of Color I would like to have). Korean skincare however is the winner - no doubts.

    If I win 10 points I will buy nail care box. I missed the VIP promotion but the box looks promising.
    (FB Renata Podraza, mail:, blogger Renata)

    1. O_______________O. Wow 50 boxes already O_O. Are you a memebox catcher, like pokemon catcher but memebox style? "Gonna catch em all!" Haha I don't think your addicted, i think you should just get sponsored with memebox HAHA.

      And I agree with you on make up. But I slightly lean more towards korean make up since they have better innovations, the technology behind the products are so much more ahead then America. I do prefer the skincare boxes more then make up boxes from memebox since I have so much make up that is just sitting there being sad :(. At least with skincare, I can use it everyday, twice a day. :)

      Thanks for entering, hope you enjoy my blog too.

    2. What a great idea about sponsoring my Memebox shopping! I love it:)

      I really like when there are a lot of photos in the post, so yes I enjoy your blog a lot!

    3. Aww thanks :D. I always liked picture books when I was a kid HAHA. Maybe that's where it comes from. When I read blogs and there aren't enough pictures, I slightly get upset because I want to feel like I'm actually there looking at the product. It is kind of like when I look into buying cook books, if there are tons of pictures, most likely I'll buy it LOL.

  23. I usually buy regular memeboxes. Have all boxes starting from #3. Sometimes I buy special edition box, however not that often. I really liked Fermentation box and Pore Care box. The reason is that being a student I can't afford everything I would like to:( I would buy much more if I could. So I am not addicted because of my wallet (well, I don't complain, that simply restrains me a little).
    If I win 10 points I will spend them ASAP, to buy Cleansing box. I love Korean cleansing routine.

    1. OMG: My Facebook name is Zofia Pe and email

  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  25. if i win i would buy the Memebox Special #11 Cacao !
    Facebook Cristi Andreea

    1. hey there :D. Hey sorry I deleted one of your comments since you commented twice >_>. Don't take it as an offense but I am just doing that so I can keep track of how many people are entering :).

  26. I am new to Memebox...have ordered a few..cleansing kit, my cute wishlist,girls night out, omg, mask edition..just waiting for them to ship/arrive...I would love to try anything new...

    1. Welcome to the memebox community haha. Slowely but surly, my blog has been overtaken by memebox post. Sorry about that but they are the only thing I am excited about as of right now :S. Hope you don't mind ;).

      Thanks for entering! Good lucky

  27. My facebook is Fellica Hupp
    I subscribed with my email: fellica hupp
    My google + that i use goes by fellica hupp with the email:
    A) Which boxes you have already bought, eyeing, and/or loving! And if you are already an addict like me, how many boxes are already marked on your calender and which one can you not wait for.
    I bought so far the Global box #8 & 12, lucky box #4, memebox by banilla co., naked box #3, and colorbox bundle 2+1. I love the global boxes and speciality boxes so far. I still waiting to buy the burst of color 2 super box because I love Korean makeup but have to wait for my pay check. haha
    I’m still waiting for the Oriental medicine, memebox special #16 OMG box, Superbox #14 My cute wishlist, memebox special #11 Cacao, and memebox special #19 Cleansing Kit. I have six boxes waiting for me. I can’t wait to open the omg box and the cute wishlist. I can’t wait until all of my boxes arrive. It feels like Christmas when they come here.
    B) If you won 10 memepoints, what would you buy? With the 10 memepoints I might buy a global #16 box or wait for new boxes to come in.

    1. Ohh I got the lucky box 4 too and it was my first box ever. Made such a good impression on me that I just gave into the fun hehe. I almost bought the banila co box because I really wanted to try their famous CC cream but there was no guarentee that it would be in it. I was slightly glad I didn't get it because it didn't end up being in there.

      How do you like the color bundle? I quite liked it, but if I paid full price for it, I wouldn't have been that happ ywith it.

      I can't wait to open the cute wishlist box too! I didn't expect it to be so popular, it sold out within hours! Its crazy~

      And yea, I can't wait for all my boxes to come. That is the good thing about buying online, you get to receive packages in the mail, just like presents ^_^.

      Thanks for entering my contest :). Good luck~

    2. I like the lucky box 4 too. They had a lot of variety and so many products. I was happy with it. Yeah, I was kind of hoping for a CC cushion compact but it wasn’t in it. I did like trying out the new products but I wouldn’t have picked it if I paid full price for it. I just paid around $19 dollars for it.
      I quiet happy with the color bundle. I already using the nail polishes and lipstick in the box. It was the first time for me using a blue lipstick that change to purple. It’s really pretty. I didn’t pay full price for it either. Since we received points I used it on the color bundle.
      Omg, haha I saw the cute wishlist box on the VIP email and I didn’t even hesitate and just bought. I was really amazed how fast it went. They really should make another one soon.
      Yeah, I like having packages other than bill. ^.^

    3. Haha for sure :D, packages over bills ;). I bought the lucky box #9 so I hope it is good!

  28. I currently am waiting to receive the newest Global box, Mask#4, Bubble Pop and Cacao, and I thinkg one more! I really wanted My Cute Wishlist but it's sold out, so I hope they make MCW #2! I'd also like to try the Aloe and Honey boxes! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!! I subscribed to your blog through

    1. Sorry, my Facebook name is Krystyn Lowe

    2. haha you can be ton them making a cute wishlist edition two. It sold out like hot cakes! I got that box ;), make sure to come back and check out what is in the box when it comes hehe. Omg I wanted the honey box sooooo bad. The day I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy it, it was sold out :'(.

      Thank you for entering :). Good luck

  29. I have always loved Korean skincare even before this whole Korean wave hit the rest of the world. =) Memebox has mostly Korean brands I have never heard of. I wish to be able to try them! I found out about Memebox only recently, and I placed my first order 3-4days ago! I can't wait to receive it.

    If I win 10 memepoints, I will spend them on the Aloe Vera or the Collagen memebox (tough decision!) I am surprised that neither one of these two sells out as quickly as some other boxes do...

    My facebook is Sunita Magar (sun_magar369☞at☜hotmail☞dot☜com) =)

    1. Same here. Memebox addiction only started after I went nuts over ebay getting bb creams and korean skincare. But i only bought through big labels like etude house, tony moly, etc. So it is nice to try completely new brands through such a cool way :).

      Link your blog or send me a picture when you do get your boxes! I love to share it here on my blog.

    2. It doesn't seem that I can add facebook following widge on blogspot :(. Unless if someone can tell me how :S

  30. I have bought about 10 boxes (the exact number escapes me! The memebox addiction has cursed my memory, but alas I continue my unhealthy *well its healthy for my skin* relationship with memebox).

    I am waiting on a bundle of 4 that includes zero cosmetics and cacao (along with two others, but I was most excited for these boxes lol!). I also ordered the Cute Box and the Pomegranate box. Along with a couple of others that escape my mind :) I am sure there will be more orders in the future.

    If I win 10 points, I would buy it on the global boxes! From what I have seen, they bring the most value and array of items. Or maybe if a new scent box I would go for that :) It all depends on what is released!

    Facebook name is : Yuri Villatoro
    And subscribed with my googleaccount under the same name.

    Good luck to everyone <3

    1. Ohhh....I would love to see your box! Do you have a blog or anything? I love watching others open their box and see their reactions :).

  31. A) I am loving the milk and whole wheat boxes. I have a few on my calender.
    B) I would put it towards a bundle.

    I am Jane George

  32. Hi:)
    So first of all I would like to thank you for this giveaway ^^ There isn't such thing like to many memeboxes and what could be better than free memebox!

    I suppose compared to others I don't own that much boxes (now I have 8 of them and I am waiting for 5 another), but it's because I don't wanna live on water only xD. If not that I would buy every single membox and then I could wallow in those pink boxes like some psycho lol.
    In my collection I have: luckybox 2,3 and 5, global 7 and 12, superbox dermocosmetics and footcare and scentbox rose :).
    Boxes I am waiting to get: global 13 and 16, brightening, detox and diet.
    My absolutely favorite from those which I already received is luckybox 5, because every product it had I love ^^ (especially LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence, it's so great). Box I can't wait to put my hands on is diet box I think, but I'm so curios about detox superbox also. Now I have this period of time in which I am trying to loose some weight and look better, so I got crazy when memebox released diet box and I needed to buy it at once.
    I am quite angry at myself that I missed OMG and K wrap box, I still have hope that they will be restocked.

    If I would win 10 points I would buy another box, no suprise here ;D. I am eyeing superbox pore care 3, previous editions seems great but I didn't bought it till now, because it's quite expensive, but with some memepoints price wouldn't be so bad.

    I'am following as Luvea Ah (
    On facebook: Natalia Kaźmierczak (

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Hi, I am a newbie to your blog and memebox ^^
    and ordered 4 boxes from memebox already, waiting my Whole grain box to arrived.

    Thanks for this giveaway and I am kinda exciting with this program ^///^ (it's my first time joining something like this)
    The boxes i am waiting : Whole Grain Box, Cacao Box, Collagen box and My Cute Wishlist box.

    Actually I really want Brightening Box, i hesitated too much until they sold all out >.<
    I also curious of their Luckybox 9, Cleansing box, Superfood box and Diet Box.

    If i win 10 memepoint, I would buy Pore care box, Nasarang Jasmu Eye Serum and Enclain Vita White Source from Memeshop.

    I am Nelly Lee (
    On facebook :

  35. I just bought my first Memebox, the 2014 F/W Colors Superbox! I'm also considering a Nakedbox for instant gratification! I've been wanting the Burst of Color Box, too! If I won Memepoints, they'd go toward either another box or the Rose Lifting Serum.


    I'm following you as Sara D on Google+, liked Memebox as Schatzi Christmas-Kitten, email kittyprincess (at) gmail (dot) com.

  36. I bought 4 Memeboxes so far. Memebox 2 &3 then Troubles Box 1 and Cooling Box.
    I wanted to try the diet,brightening,iope ver.2 , Lucky Boxes. If I won memepoints I would buy it on more boxes! what else ! -- Boxes that are about to ship (no patience)
    I am Ayla Lao (
    Facebook (



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