Monday, July 14, 2014

New Memebox!: Scent second edition (Floral, Tropical fruits, sweet shop)

Scentbox #4 FloralScentbox #5 Tropical FruitsScentbox #6 Sweet Shop
For those that missed out on the first scent boxes, Memebox has heard your prayers and answered them too!  I woke up today at 8 a.m. to check the mail and I was so surprised to see this! I actually think this is a lot better then the first one.  They have a floral box, tropical fruits (which I'm super excited for) and a sweet shop scent which I'm guessing it is vanilla, candy and cake scents?  Anyways, if you are thinking of getting these, you might want to act fast because these are ridiculously popular.  

I'll list how many boxes they have in stock so you guys know what to expect. The numbers are going down fast so you have to act fast.  Do not second guess yourself.  You can always cancel the order, but you can not get it if it is out of stock!

Also make sure to click "read more" to check out coupon codes too!

Scentbox #4 Floral
First one up is the Floral memebox (Scentbox #4)
$15.00 + shipping
Shipping starts August 29, 2014

In stock (updated July 14, 11:22 PST) 80 boxes left

"White sundresses, summer sandals, and a field of flowers, boxed!

Packed with whimsical floral scented skin care and body care goodies, these magically evocative notes will immediately awaken your deepest senses and give you the impression of living in your own secret garden!
Feel positively lovely with this floral explosion in a box! Open this box and you’ll be transported to a field of delicate flowers and sunshine with beauty goods that burst with floral fragrances. Comes with 3 full-size products. "
Scentbox #5 Tropical Fruits
Second up is the Tropical fruits (aka. scentbox #5)
$15.00 + shipping
Shipping starts August 29, 2014
In stock (updated July 14, 11:02 PST) 63 boxes left
"Has your booked-solid work and study schedule kept you from flying to your dream tropical beach getaway? Get a whiff of our fruity tropical beauty picks and visualize your way to white sands, swaying palm trees, and the refreshing tropical sea-breeze!
Take a pick from fresh and light tropical fruit scented beauty goodies that are great for causal days under the sun, or from sweet, sensual and alluring fruity beauty treats that are perfect for a summer romance or a glamorous night out! Dive into this tropical fruit scented box for a fragrant and exotic escape! Comes with 3 full-size products."
Scentbox #6 Sweet Shop
Last of the scent boxes (well at least for now) is the sweet shop (aka, scentbox #6)
$15.00 + shiping
Shipping starts August 29, 2014
In stock (updated July 16, 3:10 pm PST) 48 boxes left
"Can’t get enough of your favorite sweet treat? Indulge your senses with our decadent, deliciously scented and cute-as-a-button Sweet Shop Scentbox! This too-good-for-words Sweet Shop Scentbox offers you scrumptiously scented beauty treats that will leave you smelling like yummy sugar crystals and sprinkles!
Satisfy your sweet fix with this 100 percent calorie free and 100 percent delightfully and deliciously scented Sweet Shop Scentbox! Comes with 3 full-size products."
Floral + Tropical Fruits + Sweet Shop 2+1 Deals
Here is the icing on top! The bundle ,which I would recommend everyone get. I mean if you are going to get two of these, you might as well since you have to pay for shipping twice for the two separate ones. Why not get this bundle which allows you to practically get one for free.
2+1 bundle floral, tropical fruit, sweet shop
$30.00 + $13.98 (2 X 6.99) shipping
Shipping starts August 29, 2014
In stock (updated July 16, 3:10 pm PST) 15 boxes left!!!!!!!!!
I know, I'm not happy about the shipping being double for the bundle.  I mean come on! It comes in one parcel.  I think it would have been more reasonable if they charged us like $9.00 shipping. Hmph :/.
Anyways, get those boxes fast! They are quickly decreasing in stock.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH......  I started this post 30 mins ago and most boxes were 60+.  30 mins later and its all down to 20 boxes left.  HURRY!

EBF62I: $5 off any order (Expires end of July, 2014), one time use per account

SHIP4CHEAP2 : when you buy 2 or more boxes, pay standard shipping only once!

MEMEBUNDLE3: $5 off an order with 3 memeboxes or more

MEMEBUNDLE4: $8 off an order with 4 memeboxes or more

Freeshipping: Free shipping on orders above $70 from memeshop (this doesn't apply to boxes)
MEMEBOXKIIP: $10 off any purchase, can only use once per account... I don't know when it expires so use it fast!

TRYMEMEBOX: $15 off any purchase.... this one I also don't know when it expires so use it asap too.


  1. I picked up the bundle as soon as the email came through :) even though I said I wouldn't buy any for a while ... can't wait! How do you know how many boxes are left?!

  2. I'm curious too how you know how many boxes are left! ^^

  3. If you put the item in the chart and add random numbers, narrow it down until it is in stock. So i did like 200. Then 100 and then just keep doing it until i find the number in stock.



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