Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Unboxing: Memebox special #8 Oriental medicine

 I had an absolutely crappy morning.  I don't know why but I woke up to go to work at 5:50 am and my body was not awake even though my eyes were open.  It was so bad :S, I might have not gotten enough sleep.  Anyways, I finally woke up when I saw the e-mail saying my package was up for pick up at my local post office drop off location.  

I was worried the whole morning since my mailman usually comes to my house around 11:30- 12:30.  If I wasn't there to pick it up and sign for it, it would be sent to the drop off location.  And they would leave a slip on the door for you to pick it up with.  I was so upset since I didn't want to waste time to go back home then go back out and get the box.  But something hit me.  Hey...doesn't the email just say that you have to have a piece of id when picking up the parcel? So I tried and it actually worked! I'm so happy weeeeee~  I was so scared I couldn't do this post today.  I'd be pretty upset HAHA. OCD much.....
 This time, once again, my package came in the cardboard box since it was shipped together.  It usually comes in the plastic hot pink bag and bubble wrapped, but I really don't care.  As long as I get my memebox ;).
 The usual hot pink box that gets me excited :D.  Look at that present on the top hehe.  I like to spoil myself ;).  This box was $23.00+ shipping but you earned 5 memepoints which is the same as getting $5 back.  You can check it out here if you want more information!
 Let's see what is inside, shall we?

 The usual card that comes with the explanations and everything.  I can't read korean :(.  I can slightly understand simply phrases and a few swear words but thats it.  And I can read Lee jun ki's name LOL.

 The raw, untouched content of the box. Ohhh....ahhh~

 The packaging definitely screams oriental and I'm lovin' it!
 The first product is D'ran Wonder serum which retails for $30 and contains 30 mL.  This is a full sized product!

Product description:
"Made from 20 different Korean medicinal herbs such as ginseng, black hoof, mushrooms, licorice, portulaca, and ganoderma, the Wonder serum delivers abundant nutrients and moisture deep into your skin to erase those years off your face, for a revitalized, glowing complexion."

How to use:
Day and night, apply the serum on your face and gently pat it in for a better absorbency.  Use it before skin toner application.
 This is quite an interesting product.  What the heck is.....black hoof? And ganoderma. Hmm I should do more research.  And do we really use this before toner? Wouldn't that mean we wipe the product off? What the... HAHA I'm confused.
 The consistency is very light, very serum like and it has that korean soapy cosmetics scent with a hint of herbs.  So if you can not do scents, you might not like this.  It isn't very strong, but on a scale of one to five, I'd give it a 3.5.
 It absorbs into the skin very quickly and doesn't leave much residue.

One thing that does bother me is the lid.  The lid is just one of those clear slip ones that does not secure itself. No snap or anything, just a slip on.  But my skincare product usually just sit at home so i wouldn't see such a big problem.  But for those that like to carry skincare products around, this could be an issue since the lid is the only thing that prevents it from accidentally pumping out product and making a mess.
 The second product is Purederm Korean herb mask which retails for $2 each and contains 19mL each.  These are full sized products.  

They were randomly selected from "myung-an" brightening mask, "jung-an" refining mask, "yoon-an" hydrating mask, and "soo-an" moisturizing mask."  I got the soo-an moisturizing korean herb mask for dry sking and myung-an brightening korean herb mask for dry skin.

Product description:
"Enriched with organic Korean herb extracts, these mask each carry their own functions according to the various ingredients utilized.  They're all high in vitamin E and collagen to maintain the moisture/ oil balance in your skin.  Also, the mask material is thick enough to deliver sufficient nutrients in  short time span."
 I have been loving sheet masks! Ever since I learned that if you skin temperature is above 31 Celsius, your skin would age fast!  So what I am going to do is pop these in the fridge, and when i want to use them, just take them out of the fridge and stick it on my face.  It is especially great for the summer time :D. Also in the winter time, you could take a bowl of water and put the mask (still in the packaging) and put it in hot water.  This would warm up the mask and get some blood flood to your face!
 The third product is Donginbi red ginseng aqua oil and aqua pack essence.  These retail for $90 (aqua oil) and $180 (aqua pack).  These are not full sized products and contains 5 mL each. Full size contains 500 mL and DAMMMMMMN expensive O_O. 

Product description:
"Donginbi is a super premium brand only found in korean beauty department stores.  The red ginseng aqua oil and aqua pack essence series is effectively renowned for its delicate packaging designed to reflect traditional Korean porcelain.  The red ginseng extracts have powerful medicinal formula that effectively soothe and lock in moisture, ultimately making your skin silker and smoother."

How to use:
After skin toner application, take 3-4 drops of the aqua oil and gently pat it in.  Then repeat the same step with the aqua pack essence.

I like how even the sample size has such nice packaging.  I thought this was just a twist cap top, but it actually has a nice pump! 

These have a slight soapy floral scent, that slight generic Korean cosmetics scent.  I like it, I do.  Wait, it reminds me of the scent when you walk into Victoria Secret, the type of perfumes they spray around the store.
This is the red gingseng aqua oil. As you can see, this is dripping off my hand.  LOL What I mean is, this is a light weight oil that aborbs into the skin fast.
This one is the aqua pack essence.  This also is light weight, very serum like and less like a moisturizer.  Well it is an essence....Okay now I am just speaking the obvious.
 The fourth product is Hanhui CC cream retailing for $30 and contains 50 mL.  This is a full sized product.

Product description:
"This unique CC cream is infused with red ginseng extracts, cactus extracts, and galactomyces fermented extracts to make your skin silky smooth and shine with a natural glow from within.  It's not like a BB cream in that it brightens up your skin tone.  A CC cream works to even out and cover up visible pores and fine lines on your face, controlling your complexion to look its most natural yet flawless in it imperfections."

How to use:
Use your hands or a foundation brush to evenly spread out the CC cream on your face.
 Ohhhh english ingredients list! YEY
 I really like the simple packaging.  It screams oriental :).
 This CC cream comes in a simple squeeze tube.  Super convenient and very secure.
 Most CC creams, well at least the one that I know, have little beads that are suppose to adjust to your skintone. To me, they don't really work that well, but maybe it is because I have not found the right one.  Can you see the little orange beads?
 After I rubbed this into my skin, the color changed instantly unlike my Tony Moly aqua aura CC cream that takes forever to change color. This pictures does not give the color an accurate justice, but to me in person, this CC cream is slightly too orange and dark for me.  Hopefully that isn't the case since CC and BB cream are my most favorite product ever :(. I will have to keep trying it out.
The top of my hand is bare and the bottom as the CC cream although you can not see it ;(. Dang it!
 The last product is Shib Jang Ceng "Chun Ji Heang" hand cream retailing for $17 and contains 80 mL.  This is a full sized product. 

Product description:
"Made from 110 years old wild ginseng extracts, shea butter, and olive oil, this hand cream is extremely rich in nutrients and delivers deep revitalization to your dry, easily-roughened hands.  Its highly moisturizing formula allows for a fast, soft absorbency and a long-lasting formula."

How to use:
Apply the hand cream whenever your hands feel dry or coarse.
 This is one product that I am up to challenge.  I wash my hands a ton at work and my boyfriend's hands are super coarse and chapped.  So this will for sure be coming to good use.

I am not really a big fan of the scent.  It smells faintly like the generic Korean floral scent, with a hint of washroom cleaning products and herbs.  It is kind of weird.  I do like herbal scents since I got used to it from using Lush products, but this one is just weird.  It is trying to be a pleasant scent, but it kind of failed :(.
 It comes in this easy to use squeeze tube and it is quite a nice sized tube.  80 mL to be exact. 
This is not thick at all like my favorite hand cream called "Glysomed hand cream" that has glycerin, silicone and chamomile.  It is the tube that has the lime green tub.  That hand cream is the only cream that I only have to apply three times a day. Every other hand cream does not moisturize enough and just leaves my hand dry.  I'm excited to take this up to the test and will be sure to review this in the future.

That is all for the oriental box! Overall, I am satisfied with the box since it has four full sized products and one sample of a VERRRYYY expensive korean brand.  On the scale of five, I would give this box 3.5/5.  I've had other boxes that have blew me away.  This one is not bad, but not extremely exciting.

Total box value:
1) D'ran wonder serum $30
2) Purederm Korean herb mask $2 X2= $4
3) Donginbidam Red ginseng aqua oil $9 (5 mL) and pack essence $18 (5 mL)
4) Hanhui CC cream $30
5) Chun Ji Heang Hand cream $17
Total: $108

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Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review nor was sent this product, this product was bought with my own money and this is my honest review ish, first impression.
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  1. I was so excited when I saw this post in my email box! I've been so curious about what was going to be in that box. Thanks for posting! I was hoping it was going to be less floral perfume scent, and more ginsengy and herby. :)

    1. Aww your so sweet. Thank you for following me through email! That just drives me to post the boxes and memebox news more frequently ^_^. You made my day hehe. <3 in a way, i love you as a friend LOL

  2. I want to get mine but it stuk in post office...

    1. Ugh i hate when that happens >:( hope you get yours soon!



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