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the face shop sheet mask haul

I know for the longest time, most my posts were about memebox.  Haha I'm an addict, can you really blame me for loving them so much!  I mean, look at the amazing deals! Anyways, this post isn't about memebox for a chance but still keeping on the korean skincare and cosmetics addiction, I could not resist this offer!
I bought the memebox mask edition so I know this is not the smartest purchase, but i mean.... COME ON! LOL Buy 10 get 5 free!  I went for it :).  Also I met a lovely sales girl there called Carmen that helped me so if she sees this, hi :D.  I'm the one that introduced you to memebox ^_^ because its awesomeeee~
I remember when the face shop was in every mall there was, but that was about almost a decade ago and they sadly died away.  That was the time where I was still young and didn't really know or research much about cosmetics so it wasn't that big of a deal.  But as I grew up and watched a lot of korean drama like my mom, I began to miss the only korean brand that has a physical store in America.  Usually I would buy asian cosmetics online because it would be a lot better of a deal then anything you would pay for here in Canada.  I believe they freshly opened their stores last month, so this store is still pretty new.

So I quickly check the prices online to see if this was in fact a good deal or not.  Online it was about $3-$4 each mask which was so not worth it since they only sell it $2 CAD each here in Canada.  

So a little math.  $2 X 10= $20.  If I get 15 for the price of 10, that would come to $22.40 (we have 12% tax in Canada).... then I got 15 masks for $1.49 each.  Not too bad :).

So lets get into the details! I can't wait to try this and review it for you guys :D.

A little back story of thefaceshop as a company:
-owned by LG corporations
-company focuses on natural products
-3rd largest South Korean cosmetics company
-products can be found in Walgreens in USA
I'm always interesting in what bag they would give out for different stores.  I do enjoy packaging since it makes you feel good that you bought something. This isn't much, but just a paper bag. I do like the fact they give out paper bags since I can recycle it easily.  We are quite eco friendly in Canada. Haha we have compost system, recycling systems and such. We also get charged when we buy juice or pop to encourage people to recycle and get their money back.  Pretty awesome :D.
All the countries they have stores in other then South Korea.

Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the display they had since there were quite a few people flocking the sale and the display was in the corner of the store :(. Sorry guys!

There are 16 different types of thefaceshop real nature masks.  I bought 9/16 since a lot of the green ones had quite the similar functions or I had something at home that did the same thing.
These masks don't have much information on the internet, so I'm guessing that these are very straight forward to use. Peel, slap on, rest, peel LOL.

I like the packaging of these masks.  They are very simplistic, to the point and sleek.  Love it~  All the masks are 20 mL and are cotton sheets.
Rice mask
Contains rice extract to keep the skin spot-free and bright.

Olive Mask
A mask that has olive extracts which is rich with polyphenol; gives rough skin moisture and nutrients.
 Red Ginseng Mask
Contains 6 year old red ginseng; gives rich nutrition and saponin for the face.
 Pomegranate Mask
Contains pomegranate extract which is rich in Vitamin B1 and B2; gives elasticity for the skin
 Blueberry Mask
Contains blueberry extract to help regain skin supplements and prevents skin oxidation.
 Acai berry Mask
Contains acai berry extract to improve resilience and provide moisturized firmness to the skin.
 Kelp Mask
Mask that has lemon extract which is rich in Vitamin C to help make the skin clearer.

I bought this one since the sales girl told me it is more for acne prone skin.  I didn't get this for myself, but for my boyfriend. Hopefully I didn't remember wrong.
 Mung Bean Mask
Contains mung bean extract to keep the pores clean.
Avocado mask
Contains avocado extract, providing extra nutrition; helps revitalize dry and rough skin.

I wish I knew about the sale a little bit earlier since I missed out on getting to try the honey and lemon one which I was really interested in.  I didn't see the raspberry there either but I don't think i'm missing much since many reviews said it wasn't that great.  I also skipped out on a lot of the green ones such as bamboo, aloe and cucumber since they don't do anything special anyways.

Hope you enjoy this little haul! I can't wait to try these masks out and review them.  If i do love them, I will continue you to repurchase them when they have a sale since it is such a good deal.

Have you tried the face shop's sheet masks? What do you think about them?  Tell me in the comments below!


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