Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Unboxing: Memebox superbox #26 Snail edition 2

 I am always eagerly awaiting for my memeboxes to come through my front door.  I kind of feel bad for my mail women (who I finally found out her name is Kim :).  Thanks Kim for always being awesome and delivering my parcels safe and sound. I appreciate it ^_^.  Next time I will bake some fresh cookies and have it awaiting for her hehe.  Mailmen and mail women deserve a nice treat too! Don't forget to give them a thanks guys!

Anyways, so I finally got my herbal box and snail edition 2.  I was eyeing the snail edition 1 but it ended up being sold out before I finally bit the bullet and bought it.  I was so happy when I saw that there was an edition 2 and didn't even second guess myself and bought it.  Let's see what is inside shall we?

*Did you notice the snail box (the one on the left) is a lot bigger then the herbal box (one on the right),  That's a good sign ;)*
Here is a sneak peek to tickle your curiosity ;).
 The raw look of inside the box.  I'm so impressed they can always make the box so organized looking :D and still stick so many products in here! 

This box was $32.00 + shipping and I didn't use any coupons or memepoints to buy this so i bought it full price before they officially changed the shipping policy.  I told myself, aww why not, just get like four five boxes since they are changing the policy to shipping charging each box you buy.  If you want to check out the box (it is sold out but maybe in the future they would restock it? Who knows).

Snail superbox edition 2
 I have to apologize about the lighting on the card pictures.  I do not know why it turns such a weird color :( but I can't really fix it.
 Seven products this time around! Whoooo~~
The mug shot line up.
So many awesome looking products!  I'm so glad I bought this box. I have never tried anything snail so this would be an awesome want to build my snail collection. And yes, I got over the fact that it is pretty nasty to be using snail slime.
The first product is Dewytree Ultra Vitalizing snail cream retailing for $46 and contains 80 mL.  This is a full sized product!

Product description:
"Enriched with snail mucus extracts, betaine, and adenosine, Dewytree's popular Ultra Vitalizing Snail Cream restores energy and nutrition to your dry, stressed out skin.  A unique feature of the cream is its texture which stretches out like a spider web without being sticky at all!"

How to use:
Apply the snail cream evenly over your face.
Can we take a moment to admire how cute the box is! Look at that detail. :)  One of the reasons why I love Korean skincare and cosmetics.

When I was taking pictures of the products, i looked at every box to find English. When I did find English, I was like OHHH ENGLISH! LOL yes I'm 21 and I'm childish. And I still watch cartoons and anime.  Bite me.
What the cream looks like.  I'm kind of stating the obvious aren't I HAHA.  The sneak peek on the website made this jar look so big, like the whitening moisturizer I got in my pore care memebox.  I'm glad it isn't gigantic since I have tons of moisturizers now.  

The jar is 7 cm in diameter and 6 cm in height, just for reference!  I hate seeing things online and then getting it in real life and it is so much tinier.  Like what the.....
 Just like the description says, the cream "stretches out like spider web without being sticky."  That was the first thing I noticed!  It reminds me of the bounce cheese cream (which I don't have sadly).  Excuse my ashy fingers :S, I didn't put enough hand cream on since I was in a hurry to bounce off my bed when i heard the doorbell ring this morning and then got too excited to take pictures :D.

The cream doesn't have a strong scent, just a slightly generic floral Korean skincare scent.  On a scale of 1-10, I'd say the scent is a 4.  So nothing really offensive.
The cream itself isn't heavy at all, its quite light but it is very moisturizing and soaks into the skin nicely.
Second product is Pure smile snail hand cream milk which retails for $5 each and contains 60 g.  This is a full sized product.  The tube is 4 cm in diameter and 13 cm in height.

Product description:
"This moisturizing hand cream is literally packed with nourishing natural ingredients such as snail mucus extracts, milk protein extracts, olive oil, macadamia seed oil, shea butter, green tea extracts, aloe vera leaf extracts, and even collagen extracts! Plus, it has a very nice nutty, milky fragrance."

How to use:
Apply generously over your hands whenever needed.

Firstly, let me state this stuff smells SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD.  This would have been perfect in the milk box.  The scent, scale of 1-10 would be a 7.  This smells exactly like sweet milk, its ridiculous.  I feel like I'm stiffing drugs or something and getting high off this sweet smelling glory.  I NEED A BIGGER TUBE OF THIS TO SLATHER ALL OVER MY BODY.  I wish you can smell this will be, but I don't have a willy wonka tv sadly.  Currently my most favorite, star product of this box!
Surprisingly even though this cream is quite thin, it moisturize my hands enough for it not to be ashy and I wouldn't have to reapply every hour.  I'd say I'd have to use this maybe four times a day with the level of moisturize it provides.
I'm surprised there is a foam cleanser with snail slime! Wow!  This is CNKCOS snail bubble foam cleansing which retails for $17 each and contains 150 mL.  This is a full sized product.  5 cm in diameter and 17 cm in height.

Product description:
"This is a mousse-type foam cleanser rich in snail extracts that creates abundant foams for gentle yet through cleansing away any impurities and make up residue from your face."

How to use:
Use a stronger make up remover to remove eye and lip make up first.  Then, pump out the Snail bubble foam cleansing, lather it well and gently massage into your face.  Rinse off with warm water.

I don't know what to expect from this product. I haven't used foam cleanser but it is worth a try.  I just hope it doesn't dry out my already dry skin :).
 The fourth product is Cleosis origin ampoule No. 3 which retails for $84 (WHAT?!?!?!?!) and contains 30 mL.  This is a full size product.  The bottle is 3 cm in diameter and 10 cm in height.

Product description:
"A highly moisturizing and nourishing facial ampoule consisting 99.5% of hydraprotectol snail mucus extracts from Sederma, France.  This origin ampoule No. 3 is all you'll ever need for pampering your skin both day and night!  It'll also help in treating skin troubles and blemishes for oily skin types."

How to use:
Apply 1-2 drops of the ampoules in the morning and 2-3 drops at night.
 I have never used an ampoule in my life!  Is it much different then a serum or essence? I wonder.  But damn! $84? I thought I misread it to be $34 O_O. LOL
 The packaging comes with a glass dropper :D. I feel like a scientist when I open this up haha.  

Scent wise, scale of 10, I'd give it a good 7.  It is very strong in herbal scent, kind of like a lush product.  I don't mind the scent since I have gotten used to Lush products and Chinese medicine, but I can see some people not liking this product just from the scent. 
Texture is very thin, and it soaks into the skin fast since it is an ampoule.
 The fifth product is hanhui Snail skin refinisher CC cream SPF 50+ PA+++  which retails for $18 and contains 50 mL.  The tube is 3cm in diameter and 15 cm in height.

Product description:
"This is a color control cream that glides softly onto your skin like whipped cream and smoothes out the uneven skin tone and texture for a naturally glowing coverage.  The color capsules from the CC cream work to match your own natural skin tone so it's more close to a complexion-brightening than a whitening effect."

How to use:
Pump out a dime-sized amount of the CC cream and apply it evenly on your face, making sure to pat it in for a better adherence and long-lasting finish.
 I love the box! The holographic print is so awesome :D. I can't say I am the biggest fan of CC creams since they are usually the ones that "adjust" to your skin tone which I don't always find it to be the case.
There is English! Omg!  List of ingredients and everything!
This is the same CC creams with those colored beads that "adjust to your skintone".  Can you see it?
I'm not sure of the color against my skintone.  Hopefully it works :D.  I have hopes.
 Second to last product is Secret Key Snail + EGF repairing gel cream retailing for $18 and contains 50 g.  This is a full sized product. 

Product description:
"This is a light-textured gel-type facial cream is extremely gentle and suitable for all skin types espically in the summer time.  It'll offer a refreshing, cooling effect as it moisturizes, soothes, and repairs your dry, damaged skin."

How to use:
Apply an adequate amount of the gel cream over your face, especially on areas in need of soothing and skin repair.
 I like the simplistic look.  The brown lid and cream jar is a perfect.  It just reminds me of a snail. 
 It comes with a nice lid to keep everything sanitary.
 This is a fully clear gel. It's quite a stiff gel, kind of reminds me of jello.  It soaks into the skin almost immediately once rubbed into the skin.  Scent wise, i'd give it a good 6/10 and it smells like clean soapy scent with strong floral notes.
 The last product is Secret Key snail + EGF repairing mask pack which retails for $5 and contains 20 g.  This is a full sized product.

Product description:
"The snail mucus extracts from the mask pack facilitate skin regeneration and deep hydration, and work to soothe and care for blemishes and redness."

How to use:
Place the mask on your face and rest for 15-20 minutes.  Remove the mask and pat in the remaining snail essence with your hands.
I got nothing much to say but I'm happy I have a snail sheet mask to add to my sheet mask collection which is going to grow very soon when my mask edition four memebox ;) comes through my door.  Sad that this is another one use product but I will appreciate that I get to try it.

*Prices in purple are prices I found through official site  or popular online stores*

Total box value:
1) Dewytree ultra vitalizing snail cream $46 ($37.00 USD/ 38,000 Won)
2) Pure smile snail hand cream milk $5 ( $2.99 USD)
3) CNKCOS snail bubble foam cleansing $17 (??)
4) Cleosis origin ampoule $84 ($68.34 USD/ 70,000 Won)
5) Hanhui snail skin refinisher CC cream $18 (??)
6) Secret key snail + EGF repairing gel cream $18 ($9.67 USD/ 9,900 Won)
7) Secret key snail + EGF repairing mask pack $5 ($1.95 USD/ 2,00 Won)
Total: $193.00 on info card
Total: $154.95 in reality

Overall I'm very happy with the product I received in the box.  I got seven products, all full sized which is amazing.  I'm super happy with the pure smile snail hand cream in milk. It smells so damn good. This is my spotlight product in the box.  I'm excited to try the Dewytree snail cream and the cleosis ampoule.  I feel that this is better then the first snail edition they came out with :).  I would give this box a 4.5/5.

The only thing that really bothers me is that memebox inflates the prices on the card.  But even though they do do that, I still feel that it is a good deal getting the memebox since it is fun, I get my bang for my buck and I get to try interesting and new brands that I have never heard of.  I hope that memebox listens to their fans because they do a lot of right, so please don't hurt our trust from you guys.

Interested in memebox? Click here to check them out, I promise you it is worth it!

Make sure to check out my other memebox unboxings.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review nor was sent this product, this product was bought with my own money and this is my honest review ish, first impression.

EBF62I: $5 off any order (Expires end of July, 2014), one time use per account

SHIP4CHEAP2 : when you buy 2 or more boxes, pay standard shipping only once!

MEMEBUNDLE3: $5 off an order with 3 memeboxes or more

MEMEBUNDLE4: $8 off an order with 4 memeboxes or more

Freeshipping: Free shipping on orders above $70 from memeshop (this doesn't apply to boxes)


  1. Hi there! I just found your blog and so far your Unboxing posts are my favorite (of all the ones I've found) since you compare the real prices to the inflated card prices. I've always wondered about that. I also like that you discuss the scent since that stuff is important to me. Great blog!

    1. Aww thank you :). Yea the inflated prices bother me and I hope be doing this will make them give us the right prices because well we already love memebox so I don't see any reason for them to lie to use about the prices.



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