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Unboxing: Memebox special #10 Mask 4

 Wow i really wasn't expecting a memebox today but it was a nice surprise! I got my mask edition four and skincare memebox :D.  Yey! I was super excited for the skincare box since I saw the spoilers on instagram keke.  Yes I can not wait.  I'm always stalking everyone's pictures on #memebox.

The box is sold out but I will still link it just in case in the future it restocks :).

$23.00 + shipping
 Here's a sneak peek ;).  Are you a curious cat?  Click read more then!

Here's a closer look :).

 Like usual, the information card that is in ENGLISH :O.  OHHHH  And llike usual, the picture never comes out good  :(.  That's why I type everything out for you guys to read :D.
 How the box was packed.  I was wondering why they flipped up the ends of the mask, then i knew why HAHA because my OCD-ness (no i don't have ocd but I kind of get antsy when things aren't in order) kicked in and I placed it back down but the box didn't close after.

Honestly I was expecting the mask edition four box to be all sheet masks like the other ones, but I don't mind trying new things too :).  I'm just a lazy fart that likes convenience.
 Mug shot line up time!
 Artsy fartsy arrangement.
 The first product is Sua Young Berristure retailing for $40 and contains 100 g.  This is a full sized product.  The jar is 7.5 in diameter and 4 cm. 

I don't know why but my seal sticker was broken before I even opened it. I hope no one dipped their dirty finger in there :'(.  Did you know that all theater seats contain poop particles because a lot of people don't wash their hands.  Ew... Okay now I'm grossing myself out.  There's no poo particles in my mask right. T____T

Product description:
"The name of this moisturizing cream comes from a combination of words "berries" and "moisture", thus "Berristure"! Basically this facial cream is packed with various berry extracts and the COS 5 complex, delivering an instant replenishment to the skin.  The collagen capsules included also helps lock in moisture for a more elastic, suppler complexion."

How to use:
Apply the Berristure at the last stage of skincare routine both day and night.  It can also be used as a wash-off facial pack- after cleansing, spread the cream thickly on your face and rinse off after 15-20 minutes.
 Aww the box is so cute!  It fits the berry theme so well :D.

I love the sleek design of the jar.  It kind of reminds me of Ikea for some reason.
The mask itself is a gel texture with little bubble capsules.  There's a cute spatula too!  I am not really a fan of the scent though, it doesn't smell like fresh strawberries.  It smells too artificial and also smells like cough syrup.  Scent level, I'd say a good 7/10.
 The second mask I got is SLOCOSMETICS Soo effect plus essence sheet mask (Repair, energizing, waterdrop) retailing for $2 each and contains 23 g each.  These are full sized products.  The different masks, the Chinese letters are in different colors (green, pink and purple).

Product description:
"Enriched with baobab tree extracts, olive extracts, aloe vera extracts and red ginseng extracts, this mask is full of highly moisturizing and beneficial nutrients for your skin.  Its ampoule type formula absorbs quickly and deeply into the skin."

How to use:
Place the mask evenly on your face and rest for 15-20 mins.  Remove the mask and pat in the remaining essence into your skin.

 Firstly, let me say that the packaging is super cute! I love the pop of colors :D.  This is WHEN 10:00 pm & travelmate sheet mask retailing for $28 for four.  These are full sized products.

I love the concept of this mask! It is very useful.  Wow I'm actually surprised that they sell these in sephora! I have never seen this before but I was linking the official pages for the total down below and I found this!

Product description:
"WHEN's famous bio-cellulose sheet mask are environmentally friendly materials made from coconuts.  Its ultra-fine 3 dimensional structure can hold up to 10 times more fluid than average fabric or paper sheet mask, transfers fluid effectively to skin, and is exceptionally adhesive as well.  The 10:00 PM is a skin smoothing and nourishing mask for the nighttime (10 pm-2 am) and the travel mate mask is for treating your tired, UV exposed skin when you're on the road or after active outdoor activities."

How to use:
Place the mask evenly on your face and rest and 15-20 minutes.  Remove the mask and pat in the remaining essence into your skin.

 Omg there is English! And a list of ingredients in English!  Do you know rare that is!
 The second to last product is Skin factory 7 seconds morning sheet (which was actually the spoiler they posted on the site) retailing for $39 and contains 150 g.  This is a full size product.  The jar is 8.5 cm in diameter and 6.5 cm in height.

Sorry, I really don't want to open this yet because I see REFRIGERATOR in bold.  I'm guessing you have to keep this in the fridge when opened and I have tonssssssssss of korean products to test out now.  I will review this when the time comes.  I love that it can remove dead skin since I have tons of dead skin on my face, especially in the winter time!

Product description:
"Ready your skin before make up in the morning with this 7 seconds Morning Sheet which works as a toner, an emulsion, and an essence all in one!  What's more, a quick 7 second wipe with this dual facial sheet will give you all the effects of a facial massage, an anti-wrinkle serum and a dead skin cell remover."

How to use:
Put two fingers inside the dual sheet and gently massage your face for 7 seconds using the dotted side of sheet.  Then with the other, softer sides, pat it on for another 7 seconds for essence absorbency.
 They are actual pads soaked with essence.  The pad itself is the type that is slightly exfoliating which will be nice for ma face :D.
 The last product is Purederm Vitamin C facial pads retailing for $12 and contains 24 sheets.  The jar is 7 cm in diameter and 4 cm in height.

I kind of wish they didn't have such a big jar since it looks half enough.  I know i know, it can also look half full LOL. 

Product description:
"The vitamin-rich orange extracts contained in the facial pads work to soothe and revitalize tired, worked out skin and improve the skin elasticity and suppleness.  It's esspically refreshing when applied over your eye lids.  Enjoy the cooling sensation and the natural aroma of freshly cut orange slices!"

How to use:
After make up removal, place pads over cheek, eye lids or any other facial areas, and rest for 5-15 minutes.  For maximum refreshment, store the product in a refrigerator.

 Hehe the clear plastic jar is so cute.  It reminds me of my childhood ;D. 
 Aww there is a cute plastic spatula too!
   The pads itself is a thin cotton texture.  In other unboxings, I don't know why I thought they were plastic pads when I watched other people's unboxings.  Scent wise, it isn't too strong actually!  I'd give a 4/10 on my smell-o-scale (omg I love that name, so going to start a tradition :D).  It only smells faintly of oranges.  I can't wait to try these out!

*Prices in purple are prices I found through official site  or popular online stores*

Total box value:
1)  Sua Young berristure $40 ($36.87 USD/ 38,000 Won)
2) SLCOSMETICS soo effect plus essence sheet mask $2 X 3= $6 (??)
3) WHEN 10:00 pm & travel mate $12 for two ($43.36 USD for 4/ 45,000 Won for 4= $21.68 for two)
4) Skin factory 7 seconds morning sheet $39 ($31.05 USD/ 32,000 Won)
5) Purederm vitamin C facial pads $12 (??)
Total: $109 on the info. card
Total: $107.60 in reality

Overall I'm quite happy with this box.  I was thinking it would all be sheet masks, but I don't mind it being other types of masks.  I'm just lazy so I prefer sheet masks for its convenience.  I'm excited to try the two sheet masks and I think the skin factor 7 seconds would work with my skin, well at least I hope it works out!

I'd give this box a 3.75/5 stars.  I have so many skincare products now, I'm going to have to slow down on the memebox purchasing and more using and reviewing.  So you might be seeing less and less unboxing after my memebox run.

Interested in memebox? Click here to check them out, I promise you it is worth it!

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  1. I would loooooooove this box! Hopefully it comes back!

  2. I should bought this one. Kinda of regret now, but definitely will buy it if they restock

    1. Aww thats okay! Yea hopefully they will restock in the future. If they restock mask 1 or 2, i'll definitely get them since I want to try those undereye patches!



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