Monday, July 14, 2014

New facebook and instagram page for MMnoob~

Okay Okay, I know.  There is nothing on the page yet LOL.  I just made the page 5 minute ago.  Don't hat just yet please!  I have made this page so it is easier for you guys to know what is going on, what are the sneak peeks of the memeboxes I have gotten but still working on the post.  I'm super excited since this is a way for me to reach you guys in another form of social media, and for you to see me on your news feed ;).  So please like me on facebook~

And you get to see my face for the first time.  Or second if your a good stalk and have already seen what I look like in person O_O. Dun Dun Dun.....

You can also find me on instagram under the username Christinahello.

Also I have collaborated with heyitsjules53 on youtube.  She does videos, mostly on memebox unboxings.  I don't do videos, well for now maybe since I hate my voice in videos since it sounds so squeeky >_> like mickey mouse.  She also made a facebook account recently, so make sure to check her facebook page out here!  I have been a long time watcher (well ever since I got into memebox) and she is brutally honest, and I appreciate that since youtube nowadays is very sugar coated with money.  So I really appreciate her honest first impression.  Please give her some awesome support too~

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